Shao Yong




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Shao Yong

She is the Full Professor in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, National Research Center of Historic Cities, Director of Urban-rural Heritage Conservation Department of Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute, and professor of World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region (WHITRAP).

She is the expert member of ISCEAH of ICOMOS, and National Committee of Historical and Cultural Cities Conservation of China.

She got the Doctor diploma at 2003 from College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, and followed the training of French State Architects and Urban Planners(AUE) in the Ecole de Chaillot and Ecole Nationale des Pons et Chaussees in France in 1999 and 2006.

From 1990 to now, Dr. Shao has worked a lot for the conservation of historical cities, towns and villages, World Cultural Heritage sites, in charge of “Conservation and Management Plan of World heritage Site: Lijiang Old Town”, “Conservation and Management Plan of World heritage Site: Pingyao Ancient City”, “Conservation Plan of Historical Districts of Shanghai”, etc. These planning have achieved awards at State, provincial and municipal level. Thereinto, Dr. Shao’s projet “The Water Town Conservation” has got the World Heritage Conservation Distinct Award of Asia-Pacific region of UNESCO in 2003, and “Community-based Conservation Project of World Heritage Lijiang” has got the Merit Award in 2007.

Except that, she is the author of <Ancient Town in Jiang Nan > and < Equilibre et Harmonie: protection et mise en valeur du patrimoine architectural, urban et paysager en France >, in charge of the edit of <Urban Heritage Conservation> and <Research on Conservation Plan of Historical and Cultural Towns and Villages>, and published many articles about urban and rural heritage conservation in professional journals.

She joined several international conservation projects as an expert, including Project AsiaURBS, Sino-French cooperation of architectural, urban and landscape heritage conservation, UNESCO Chair of Environment and Landscape Design, UN-Habitat program for “historic quarter for all”, and the activities of ISCEAH and WHEAP, etc.