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Enhancement strategies for Qingdao urban territory: image and identity

This project aims to strengthen the international cooperation between CUPEUM and the City of Qingdao on the subject of its territorial branding, i.e. its urban image and identity.

The “Enhancement strategies for Qingdao urban territory: image and identity” project directly addresses the economic, social, cultural and environmental issues of the 21stcentury cities.  Through the unbridled globalisation of the urbanization process which generates a trivialization of development methods (ref. : urban planning, architecture, public space), cities are wondering more and more about their identity and their “brand” to increase their attractiveness and to strengthen the sense of belonging of their citizens towards their living environments.  The matter thus refers to the economic issue of city development, but also to the well-being and the quality of life.

The idea behind the project consists in accompagnying the Municipality of Qingdao in the development of the territorial branding strategy, i.e. to define the identity of the city, its branding image that makes it unique and distinctive comparatively to other cities. This approach calls for understanding the city from a specific angle: each city is a place of opportunities for specific projects, a set of potentials. A city’s brand can thus be found in the assembly of these strategic potentialities.

This project involves taking into account Qingdao’s current potentials in terms of projects and territorial specificities (ex. : heritage, waterfront…) as well as the municipalities aspirations in terms of quality of life to propose territorial vision strategies that clearly identify the city’s image and identities. These strategies will help the City of Qingdao to improve its tourism positioning and to strengthen the sense of belonging of its citizens. As such, the project should contribute to the harmonious development of the studied urban environments.

Overall, this cooperation project promotes the implementation of sustainable development principles, i.e. the integrated uses of economic, social, cultural and environmental principles.

This project is funded in part by Quebec’s ministère de Relations internationales, de la Francophonie et du Commerce extérieur as part of the 3rd meeting of Quebec-Shandong working group (2013-2015).


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