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Exposition internationale – Développement des paysages péri-urbains en Méditerrannée

Taking advantage of the reunion of its scientific network, CUPEUM held an international exhibition under the theme "Development of Peri-urban Landscapes in the Mediterranean Area". Winning projects to emerge from three WAT_UNESCO were exhibited in the Salle des Actes of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, from 4 to 8 June 2007.

The structuring development of CUPEUM’s multilateral international activities conducted through WATs allowed to exhibit projects from the major recipients of landscape inventions developed in 3 cities: South Morocco (Marrakech - 2004), Lebanon (Saïda - 2005) and Tunisia (Mahdia - 2006).

This exhibition was an opportunity to promote these activities with representatives of countries involved in the scientific network of the UNESCO Chair (Canada, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, Spain, Austria), those of new academic institutions interested in joining the network, and more broadly, the general public.

The exhibition also allowed information sharing on the development of outskirts of cities and towns, and on the strategy of development projects deployed with regards to preservation, enhancement and sustainable development.

Following addresses, the public was invited to the Salle des Actes to view exhibited projects. The ambassadors and partners of the various delegations to UNESCO of the countries involved with CUPEUM (Canada, Lebanon, Morocco, Italy and Austria), new partners of the scientific cooperation network (Tunisia, Syria and South Korea) and representatives of countries interested in joining the network (Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, France) were also invited to a cocktail party hosted by Canada and Lebanon’s Permanent Delegations to UNESCO.