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Biennale Européenne de Paysage

Since 1999, the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC), the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Master of Landscape Architecture and the Association of Friends of UPC) and the Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works (Department of Architecture and Landscape) of the Generalitat of Catalonia have organized the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona to deepen the discussion of landscape intervention across all disciplines related to its study and evolution.

The International Exhibition of University Projects of Schools of Architecture and Landscape is always held in conjunction with these gatherings. Whereas the students’ works enrich the debate on landscape, and, considering the quality of the projects within the WAT_UNESCOs, the UNESCO Chair in Landscape and Environmental Design at the University of Montreal (CUPEUM) participates in these events since 2006.

The Biennale allowed the Chair to exhibit the best WAT projects developed in Lebanon (Biennale of 2006), Tunisia and Republic of Korea (Biennale of 2008) and China and Japan (Biennale of 2010).

Considering the exemplary multicultural and transdisciplinary approach of CUPEUM’s WAT, projects exhibited at the Biennale of 2010 were dedicated a special area to allow all visitors to discover this unique activity. Overall, nearly 600 projects were displayed and those of the Chair opened the Exhibition. Furthermore, throughout the exhibition, the organizers screened a DVD produced in collaboration with Quebec’s Ministère des Relations internationales, de la Francophonie et du Commerce extérieurand the Canadian Commission for UNESCO presenting the organization and all the winning projects developed within the WATs held since 2004. Of the 86 participating institutions, CUPEUM is the only Canadian institution selected to take part in the largest gathering of environmental design schools. CUPEUM is also expected to participate in future editions.


Exhibited projects during biennals

Biennal 2006

Submitted and selected projects (2)

Du Dar au Radar | EnRACINEment

To see projects: Workshop_atelier/terrain Saïda 2005


Biennal 2008

Submitted and selected projects (8)

Structuré par le vide | Tissage | Le ruban fertile

To see projects: Workshop_atelier/terrain Mahdia 2006

aVoiD the Gate | Rediscovery  | INBetween  | Connecting | Ganghwa | Rurbanism

To see projects: Workshop_atelier/terrain Ganghwa 2007


Biennal 2010

Submitted and selected projects (9)

Commercial Network | Necklace of Pearls | Urban Reflection for Connection

To see projects: Workshop_atelier/terrain Jinze (Qingpu - Shanghai) 2008

Merging Landscapes | Through Garden | Ro[ko]be | Be_ko_be | RE-Linking Water and City | Green Mountain

To see projects: Workshop_atelier/terrain Kobe 2009

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